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"We are happy that Moss is planning a redevelopment in the downtown area of FMB. Could you build a resort with a casino, live music, food, and entertainment? This will draw in a huge crowd of tourists that will help the resort as well as the area to grow and rebuild after Hurricane Ian. It will also create employment opportunities, stimulate local economic growth and provide tax revenues. Our concern is that the hotel does not block our view of the Bay from Harbor Court. We wish you all the best for your new project, and cannot wait to see it and visit."


-Regards, Sam 

Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches, Inc is excited about another organization recognizing the iconic entrance to Fort Myers Beach for over half a century, our grand Arches. It is time to hold close the importance of our history as much of it was washed away by Hurricane Ian. For six years we have been involved in a tribute to the Arches. Now we have a partner of sorts.


Fort Myers Beach should become again the town of Arches, just as Fort Myers is the City of Palms, and Sanibel is the town of the lighthouse. The destruction Arches were a tragic accident in 1979. Replacing the Arches was part of the original Town's Comp Plan that never happened. The Arches were recognized as home by citizens and Fort Myers Beach by visitors. They were a beloved part of the community akin to the Time Square Clock. Now we have lost the towns Arches mural painted by Jan Ellen Atkeilski, We have also lost Tom Phillips (1921) Casino building (know by most as the Cottage and the Gulfshore). But now we have a future includes our past. We are looking forward to Ben Freeland and Joe Orlandini rebuilding these icons. If we can't have the originals; we can certainly pay tribute.


Too many times in SWFL; our history is being destroyed sometimes only to become the next parking lot. It is our history that made us what we are today. Like the Pink Gold and Shrimp boats that brought income and charm to our community. We must keep these ties to the past. If we can't maintain our history, we should certainly celebrate it and pay tribute to it by the methods these two great citizens are displaying. Thanks Joe, and Ben for remembering where and what we came from. We are FMB Strong!


-Steven Ray McDonald President, Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches, Inc.

Excited to see your plans! Have been a customer of Moss Marine for 20 years! - Tom Schultz

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